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Revolutionizing Text Input Technology

Direction9 is a technology company developing text input technology for content search, where operating footprint/space is limited. It reduces the existing 40-key QWERTY on-screen keyboard down to the size of a phone keypad.

Direction9's patented "Auto-Center" and "Auto-Function" are the new key features revealed. It provides a referenceable centerpoint for users to know the key locations before each entry , thus enabling "Blind-Typing". Aided with a Predictive Text engine, the idea of making TV Text Input easy over a phone-sized keypad is then feasible. Predictive Text on 9 keys has been widely used on cellphones in the past but could not find its usefulness for remote Text Input, until Direction9's invention, due to a non-reachable/touchable screen distant from the users.  

Co-existing with voice input is necessary due to voice's often noise and/or privacy concerns. Users also want to have one simple hardware control unit in-hand to input text or command quietly, preferably without having to continuously look back and forth between the control unit and the TV screen for the right key selection. The constant changing of human eyesight’s focus is tiring. This inconvenient process holds true even when using a Smart Phone keypad to input text for a 10-feet away TV.

Our software is compatible with a wide range of devices including TV remote controls, automobile user-input functions, auto & flight entertainment system, Smart Glasses, AI pins, medical devices, gesture controls, gaming, and more.

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