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How to unleash a 9-key phone keyboard with QuickPad:
How to use Direction9's QuickPad Text Input Method

The QuickPad's "Light Bulb" icon, located at the upper-right corner of the 5x5 keypad, is the Predictive Text feature. When it is selected, users can just input numbers with corresponding letter-group. For example, "4663" corresponds to "home, good, gone..." where the search engine will provide all dictionary words matching the number string for users to select. Meanwhile, as the input progresses, the matching words may vary which users could ignore until the full intended numerical string is completed to select.


For non-dictionary words, like passwords & etc., users could turn the "Smart Light Bulb" off, then a 2nd layer of letter selection screen is appeared for precise entries.

How to install QuickPad software keyboard (APK) on to an Android set-top box:


1. Copy the emailed APK App to a USB drive from your computer after download from

2. Insert the USB Drive to your set-top box USB slot


3. Search the APK file using File Explore on your set-top box


4. Click the APK file to install


5. Agree to install this Direction9, a non-harmful 3rd party, software to your Android set-top box


6. In "Settings"->"Apps"->"See All apps" find "Direction9 Input" and "Open" App/APK when prompted


7. Enable "Direction9" keyboard in the Device Management menu. (First time installation only)


8. Set Direction9 APK keyboard as the Default keyboard


9. Use Direction9 keyboard to input text for search in all Android designed Google Search or other APP


* - QuickPad software is compatible with all Android set-top box. An example of the device could be found on Amazon by the following link:

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