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What We Offer

Our text input technology is designed to enhance user experience and improve productivity. With our software, QuickPad, you can search for content quickly and easily, even on devices with limited space.

Fig.1 and Fig.2 below shows present TV on-screen keyboards (K/B). Fig. 3 is Direction9's QuickPad method. It reduces cursor travel distances/time for users by using a 5x5 keypad.


Fig. 1 - Apple TV On-Screen K/B                 Fig. 2 - Regular TV On-Screen QWERTY K/B    Fig. 3 - QuickPad On-Screen K/B


Our features include:

“Blind-typing”, with Auto-Center and Auto-Function features: The Auto-Center option would automatically return and start every entry with highlighted cursor from center Key-5 where JKL is located. This way, directions to each key is consistent and thus enables "Blind-Typing". The Auto-Function option would execute outside function keys surrounding the 3x4 phone keypad automatically when the highlighted cursor moves there, which eliminates additional presses. 

Fig. 4 shows a reference to our iconic keypad design. QuickPad enters precise characters after a key-group is selected, as shown in Fig.5.

         Fig. 4 - Iconic Design of a QuickPad            Fig. 5 - 5-way Precise Text Entry

Optionally aided with Predictive Text technology, for one letter/press, to reduce the number of key strokes needed by predicting dictionary words:  Direction9 has 40+ language libraries for predictive text applications. We will provide the dictionary libraries, Application Program Interface (API) and User Interface (UI) source codes for your potential implementations. Customers can design in their own company color scheme and layout. A demo program is available upon Email request. It can be installed to an Android SetTop Box for operational use.

Fig. 6 indicates that existing multi-keys hardware devices are getting complicated, in efforts to keep up with newly developed applications.

   Fig. 6 - Existing Remote Controls could be simplified with QuickPad software OSD (On Screen Display) solutions

These variations can easily be simplified, without hardware modifications, via QuickPad software changes only. A soft-screen approach in the remote control industry is game-changing and parallels how the iPhone revolutionized the conventional cell phone industry.


Same 9-directions concept is used in our proprietary Universal Stroke method for swipping on Touchpad or smartphone surfaces. There are existing hardwares readily available on many cars where data entries could be benefited from merely Direction9's software implementation.

The "Universal Stroke" method is similar to the 5-way D-Pad operations explained above, except that, there are:

* - 8 "Directional Streight Strokes" which move the cursor to the adjacent key-group

* - 8 "Directional Hooked Strokes" which move the cursor to and execute the adjacent key-group

* - 1 "Clockwise Circle Strokes" to execute the existing key-group

* - 1 "Counterclockwise Circle Strokes" to return from the existing key-group

This total of 18 strokes mapped with the original QuickPad is for touchscreen or gesture applications which is also universally applicable to any of the languages.

2024-0204 Marketing Universal Stroke - Fig. 2.png
2024-0204 Marketing Universal Stroke - Fig.3.png
2024 Lexus TouchPad Cropped.jpg
Weixin Image_20240118112537.jpg

Customizable Solutions

We work with you to create customized solutions that fit your unique needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that our technology meets your specific requirements.

Seamless Collaboration

With our software, collaborating with team members has never been easier. Our text input technology allows for efficient communication and collaboration in even the most challenging environments.

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